Ice-sheet model:

This interactive map shows the location of:

(i) Colored circles: Samples of bedrock and glacial deposits in the ICE-D:ANTARCTICA database.

(ii) Gray circles: deep ice cores.

Each site links to a data-model comparison page (first select an ice-sheet model from the dropdown menu). Alternatively, you can right-click to view model results for a location where there are no data. Or, see the links below for a list of all sites or ice cores.


(i) Landsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica with MODIS imagery beyond 82.5° S (composite created by the PGC)

(ii) Hillshade of the Reference Elevation Model of Antarctica

Overlay datasets sourced from Quantarctica, with the exception of the USGS topographic maps.

Information about the DMC:ANTARCTICA project is located here and here.

Accumulation rate Relative sea level Grounded ice extent
(last deglaciation)
ice thickness

Ice-sheet models